Yumanity Therapeutics’ integrated discovery platforms have been described in multiple, peer-reviewed publications, including three recent Science papers co-authored by Yumanity’s founding research team, Drs. Khurana, Chung and Tardiff. Additional references for select publications generated from the lab of Yumanity’s scientific founder, Dr. Susan Lindquist, are included below.

Key Publications Describing Yumanity’s Platforms:

  1. Treusch S, Hamamichi S, Goodman JL, Matlack KES, Chung CY, Baru V, Shulman JM, Parrado A, Bevis BJ, Valastyan JS, Han H, Lindhagen-Persson M, Reiman EM, Evans DA, Bennett DA, Olofsson A, DeJager PL, Tanzi RE, Caldwell KA, Caldwell GA, Lindquist S, 2011. Functional links between Aβ toxicity, endocytic trafficking and Alzheimer’s Disease risk factors in yeast. Science 334(6060): 1241-5.
  2. Tardiff DF, Jui NT, Khurana V, Tambe MA, Thompson ML, Chung CY, Kamadurai HB, Kim HT, Lancaster AK, Caldwell KA, Caldwell GA, Rochet J-C, Buchwald SL and Lindquist S, 2013. Yeast Reveal a “Druggable” Rsp5/Nedd4 network that ameliorates α-synuclein toxicity in neurons. Science, 342(6161): 979-83.
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Supportive Publications:

  1. Chung CY, Khurana V, Yi S, Sahni N, Loh K, Auluck P, Baru V, Udeshi N, Freyzon Y, Carr S, Hill D, Vidal M, Ting A, and Lindquist S, 2017. In Situ Peroxidase Labeling and Mass-Spectrometry Connects Alpha-Synuclein Directly to Endocytic Trafficking and mRNA Metabolism in Neurons. Cell Systems, 232, 1-9.
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